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Our Facilities

Our packing facilities house the latest technology.

The Easterday Produce Company packing facilities house the latest in technology for handling, sorting, sizing and packing onions and potatoes. We utilize modern techniques and equipment to minimize damage to the products, improve pack quality and reduce long term production costs. Our packing warehouses are safe, clean and hygienic. We do offer our customers single point shipping by transferring and consolidating products so orders can be loaded at one facility.


Onion Facility

In 1995, we started packing onions at our Pasco, Washington, facility. It’s the largest of our onion packing facilities and where most of the yellow Spanish type onions are packed. In 2005, we opened a facility in Othello, Washington, where we sort and pack our red and white onions. These packing facilities are strategically located nearest to the farms where the product is grown. Our third facility opened in 2016 in northern Florida to better serve the needs of our southeast customers.

Potato Facility

In 2010 we built a 90,000-square-foot potato packing house close to our onion operation in Pasco, Washington. This facility includes 30,000 square feet of cooler space with dock seals to ensure cool chain shipping. We offer Norkota Russets, varieties of yellow and red potatoes of which are all grown and packed by Easterday Farms Produce Company. The warehouse and packing line use the latest in technology to sort, grade, pack and palletize potatoes efficiently and safely.

Florida Repack

To better serve our southeast customers, Easterday Farms Produce Company opened a repacking and distribution center in 2016 in northern Florida. This facility offers cross-docking, allowing us to respond quickly to our customers in the southeast and those using the Jacksonville port for exports.

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