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Our Farm

Farm to Table

There’s a story behind where your food comes from.

Watch from the early stages of planting, follow the growing season to the final stages of harvest as fresh onions and potatoes are delivered from our packing facilities to your local restaurants, grocers, and family dinner table.



Local Family Farm

Family farms are by their very nature sustainable. We engage in progressive land and water use practices to ensure the land remains highly productive for generations to come. Sustainable farming is also efficient farming. Sustainable practices such as proper crop rotation, modern tillage and cultivation techniques, and well managed applications of water, pesticides and herbicides decrease production costs, increase yields and produce high quality, safe onions and potatoes. In the packing houses, we utilize energy efficient lighting and equipment and have designed our facilities with special emphasis on efficiency in movement patterns, automating produce handling and packaging processes. We feel sustainability is an inherent and integral part of a successful and profitable business. For more information about specific details on all of our sustainable practices, please contact us at

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For four generations, the Easterday family has been growing onions, potatoes, and other crops in the fertile soil of the Columbia River Basin in Washington State.

Using GPS monitoring and the latest in planting technology, we ensure a precise and efficient planting process which results in more plants per acre and correct spacing provides for shapely and well-sized produce.


Abundant sunshine, irrigation, and a reliable growing climate make for consistent quality produce year after year.

Pivot irrigation, known for its even disbursement of water and fertilizers, is used to manage growth and quality.


Quality is our main objective, but food safety, security, and traceability are integral to our program. We are WSDA GAP certified for the farm and our farming practices and we are in control of all aspects of this program to ensure the highest compliance. Audits are performed annually.

Potatoes and onions should only be grown once in the same field every four years. We use a sustainable crop rotation to decrease production costs, increase yields, and raise high quality potatoes and onions for our customers.


Warm, dry, breezy days and cool nights, which prevail during autumn in southeastern Washington, provide the perfect conditions for harvesting. These conditions provide for well-cured onions that store well.

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