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We provide a wide selection of packaging and sizing options for our customers.

Utilizing the latest technology in sizing, we specialize in providing accurate and consistently sized onions and potatoes. Packs can be ordered to meet very specific size or count tolerances. Our Quality Control staff work closely with our in-house sales team to ensure that customers get reliable and consistent packs they can depend on.



25 and 50 Pound Mesh Bags
50 Pound Cartons
25 and 40 Pound Cartons
10 Pound Kwik Lok Mesh Bags
3 Pound Euro-style High-Graphic Bags
2 Pound, 3 Pound and 5 Pound Mesh Clip Bags

Learn the process of how onions and potatoes are grown, harvested, packed, and distributed through aerial drone footage and video. This clip takes you through the early stages of seeding, cultivation and harvest, concluding with a peek into Easterday Farms Produce Company state-of-the-art packaging system.


Paper Bale
50 Pound Cartons
2000 Pound Tote
50 Pound Mesh Bags/Bale
5 Pound, 8 Pound, 10 Pound, and 15 Pound Poly Bags

Watch through aerial drone footage and video as potatoes are planted, matured, harvested and packed for distribution. See the growing processes, starting with small potato seeds to the final stages preceding harvest. You'll also get a glimpse of our fresh potato facility in Pasco, Washington, and view our modern packing system in action.

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