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Our Facilities

Potato Facility


5235 North Industrial Way
Pasco, WA 99301

Phone: 509.542.1604
Fax: 509.544.9004



n our separate and isolated receiving area we utilize a Wyma wash system to ensure the potatoes are clean prior to entering the sizing, grading and packing areas. This system includes initial inspection area, a wet hopper separator and scrub beds. Potatoes are dried using an air knife.

Size and Sorted

We employ the latest technology available to optically size, grade and sort the potatoes.  Three Newtec Celox grading and sizing machines inspect the potatoes using high performance cameras and specialized software providing very precise grades, sizes and quality.  The information obtained determines the exact length, diameter, and surface condition of the potato. Once the potato specification has been determined, it falls gently onto a cross conveyor directly to its destination.



The packing house is fully PTI (Produce Traceability Initiative) compliant.  We are also GHP/USDA (Good Handling Practices) certified and third party certified through Primus Lab GFS.


We are a commit-to-pack facility, resulting in potatoes that are packed directly into cartons, poly bags and mesh sacks with minimal handling to improve quality and shelf life.


Automatic Palletizing

Our pallets are automatically palletized using specialized equipment from United States and Holland. These machines produce a pallet superior to any stacked by hand and reduces tedious labor. This machine stacks the bags in a four-sided box to the designated pallet height. Once completed, the pallet moves on a track to an automatic wrapper, where it is tightly bound with a breathable mesh material or straps. This process results in a hardy pallet of potatoes that can now withstand transit to its final destination.

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