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Our Facilities

Florida Repack


4030 Deerpark Blvd, 100
Elkton, FL 32033

Phone: 904.217.3648


We are proud of the products we grow in Washington State and wish to provide the same caliber of quality and integrity to all of our customers both domestic and international.

With this goal in mind, we have undertaken to design, install, and operate a 48,000 square foot distribution and repacking facility in the southeast. This location offers cross-docking, repacking, and distribution of onion and potatoes grown on our Washington State farms.


Our Florida facility is located just 40 miles south of Jacksonville in Elkton, and is conveniently close to US 95 and SR 207. This modern plant uses the latest in advanced packing technology available and  offers packing to the customer’s specifications regarding quantity, quality and packaging type. Easterday Farms offers all industry standard retail and food service packaging types for both onions and potatoes.

We endeavor to offer fresh produce in excellent condition and to accommodate accounts of all sizes, from the smallest retailers, food service, and the largest regional chains.


We specialize in same day or next day deliveries to our customers in the greater Florida and southeast regions.

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