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Watch through aerial imagery and video as Easterday potatoes & onions are planted, matured, harvested and packed for distribution. You'll also get a glimpse of our packing facilities in Pasco, Washington and view our modern palletizing system in action.

Our Facilities

The Easterday Farms packing facilities house the latest in technology for handling, sorting, sizing and packing onions and potatoes.  We utilize modern techniques and equipment to minimize damage to the products, improve pack quality and reduce long term production costs. Our packing warehouses are safe, clean and hygienic. We do offer our customers single point shipping by transferring and consolidating products so orders can be loaded at one facility.


Contact Information:

1427 North First Avenue

Pasco WA 99301


Mailing Address:

P.O. Box 2813
Pasco WA 99302

P: (509) 544-9595

F: (509) 544-9004